Leadership LINKS, Inc. is seeking financial support in the amount of $110,000 for our LINKS Leaders and the programs that will empower them during the Year 2019 . Would you consider one of the following three ways to donate to Leadership LINKS, Inc.?

1.  ***PREFERRED METHOD*** A check or money order made out to "Leadership LINKS, Inc." with a memo, 2019 Fundraiser, can be mailed to P.O. Box 16328, High Point, NC 27261. 

2. Set up an online account with Givelify for a one-time contribution or to set-up a recurring monthly donation. An account set up requires an email address. Givelify is also available via the mobile app for payments by phone or any compatible electronic device.

3. Set up a recurring payment option with your personal financial institution for monthly contributions to Leadership LINKS, Inc. 

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We invite you to become a LINKS Ambassador. Members of our LINKS Network who have committed to give financially to Leadership LINKS, Inc. on a consistent, monthly basis are our LINKS Ambassadors. This small circle of friends donates $25 or more to our organization via a recurring gift via Givelify or as an automatic donation set up through their personal financial institution. For more information about recurring gifts, feel free to contact us at leadershiplinksus@gmail.com. Thank you in advance

The total number of LINKS Ambassadors we need per giving amount to help meet our 2019 funding goal of $110,000!