In August 2017, Leadership LINKS, Inc. will be sending a small delegation to Lagos, Nigeria to support the mission of providing leadership, mentoring, and discipleship training to West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS), their partners, and the women in the community. Leadership LINKS is conducting this trip in partnership with the Friends of West African Theological Seminary (Friends of WATS).

Identified Need: With 160 Million people, Nigeria is the most populated country in Africa. Lagos is a city of 18 Million people, and it is expected to become the most populated city on earth within the next 50 years. WATS is a leadership training center for the rapidly growing church in Africa. Nearly 80% of African churches are led by untrained pastors. The focus of WATS is the development and discipleship of leaders. There is a goal to evangelize Africa, and for that to happen the local church leaders need training to reach their own people.

Trip Budget Estimate:

  1. Travel/Transportation - $5,000
  2. Leadership and Training Resources = $6,600
  3. Mailing of Resources = $2,500

TOTAL: $14,100

Find out more about our LINKS Network:

West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS) and Friends of West African Theological Seminary (Friends of WATS).

West African Theological Seminary Official Website:  

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Meet the Leadership LINKS Delegation:

Mrs. Stefini Greer

Mrs. Stefini Greer was raised as a preacher’s kid in a Bible-believing church. She finally accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior while attending a little Baptist church in England when her husband was serving his career in the military.

After retiring from a career in real estate, she began to submit to the call of intercessory prayer, often spending hours in prayer, Bible study, and compiling scripture prayers.  After moving to the Washington DC area in the late 1990’s, she became active in a nonprofit national prayer organization which focused on elected officials and the National Day of Prayer for congressional members.  She eventually served as secretary on their board of directors.

She is a classically trained oboist with a passion for praise music.  She and her husband taught many years for a national marriage ministry, and have been married for over 46 mostly blissful years.  They are active in their local church in central Florida, and are the proud parents of three grown children and five grandchildren. 

Stefini will be accompanying our Visionary Founder, Mrs. Natasha Sistrunk Robinson, on the trip.