Leadership LINKS, Inc. is a growing faith-based, charitable, and educational organization incorporated in the state of North Carolina. We are exempt from federal income tax under the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 501(c)(3). Founded and led by veterans, Leadership LINKS, Inc. enriches communities through leadership, mentoring, and education. The Leadership LINKS Network connects and expands this vision.

Our Purpose – Who We Are

Leadership LINKS exists to educate and equip servant leaders who are committed to using their skills and resources for the greater good of humanity.

Our Vision – Why We Exist

To connect people with Purpose

Our Mission – What We Do

Offer leadership education that facilitates impactful living, character and spiritual development.

Our Core Values – What We Value

LINKS is integral and represents the strength of our organizational values:
Love, Inspiration, Network, Knowledge and Service

Love – Love others. God is love and He called us to love others as we love ourselves.

Inspiration – Encourage people to operate in God’s purpose and influence others to do the same.

Network – Unify like-minded leaders to maximize impact on the world.

Knowledge – Intentionally teach and promote growth, as people cannot do what they do not know.

Service – Use our gifts, talents and passions to give to others.