The Leadership LINKS, Inc. approach to leadership builds on the understanding that discipleship is the development of willing, well-informed followers of Jesus who embrace His mission of reconciling the world to its Creator, God, and makes new followers by teaching and living as people of LOVE, grace, and biblical truth.

Jesus is our model for such exponential influence, and He is our example of how one person’s leadership—when submitted to God’s mission— multiplies over time. He is the Savior of the whole world; therefore, His example is not reserved only for our churches and ministry groups. Leadership LINKS recognizes there is a need to deliver to our communities, neighborhoods, schools, workplaces and government a standard of leadership characterized by integrity, wisdom and power that is uniquely present in the servant and redemptive leaders of Christ.   

The demand for positive and effective leaders outweighs the supply of them, and therefore, exponential discipleship and mentoring is a must for today’s Christian leaders. We believe transformational leadership is the only means to meet the requisite character of those who make a positive impact in the world. Transformational leadership is based on the biblical knowledge that the human’s purpose on earth advances God's kingdom agenda for the whole world. We are, therefore, only able to lead well if we are first surrendered and led by God.

Can a leader do his or her job without serving? Can a leader effectively lead without furthering knowledge?  

We, the Founding Board Members of Leadership LINKS, Inc. believe that leadership is a character trait distinctly identified through one’s unselfish actions to serve and esteem others more highly than themselves. We acknowledge that this humility is cultivated through surrender, wisdom, mentoring and education. We commit to continual study in order to increase our KNOWLEDGE and effectiveness as change agents in a world that is growing increasingly dark and without hope.   

We believe men and women are created in the likeness and image of God. As image bearers, leadership is a distinguishing identity attribute of who we are. We have all been imbued by the Creator with gifts that can be developed into leadership skills. Character development etches out the leader that lies within, in addition to cultivating our gifts. Our intent in leadership development is to identify and celebrate God’s purpose and the leadership potential of every image bearer, and equip her or him in the local, national, and global work that advances God’s Kingdom. Our legacy shall be a lasting impact of equipping kingdom leaders intentionally operating in the earth while declaring the goodness and glory of Christ for generations to come.