Leadership LINKS, Inc. fulfills its mission through a dedicated team of servant leaders who are committed to using their skills and resources for the greater good of humanity. The following committees provide structure to support the organization’s work. If you are interested in volunteering with the organization, please complete the volunteer application form and then contact a team leader from the committee where you would like to serve.

Finance and Development Committee

The Finance and Development Committee is responsible for operational finances to include budget and execution, and fundraising or development in conjunction with our strategic and long-term organizational goals.

Committee Needs - Grant Writer(s), Volunteer for Fundraising Gala planning committee 


Programming and Products Committee

The Programming and Products Committee is responsible for the outline, organization, and implementation/facilitation of organizational programs, along with the development of organizational leadership and educational products.

Committee Needs - This committee is responsible for supporting the “Walk in Purpose” Leadership Summer Program for Girls, LINKS Mentoring Program, Leadership Experience Tour, events, projects, and product and curriculum development. If you would like to volunteer in any of these capacities, then this committee is for you.

We are seeking organized persons who have experience with the professional services of correspondences, phone calls, and data entry.  The ideal volunteers would be self-starters who take initiative, have excellent writing abilities, understands marketing and advertising, and has the ability to follow through to meet designated deadlines. These persons can also innovate and explore creative ways of sharing pertinent organizational information with diverse audiences.  If you are interested in serving as a mentor with the LINKS Mentoring Program, please complete the Mentor Interest Form. 


Natasha Robinson

Committee Chairperson and Board of Directors


Dr. Tracey Nicole Hayes

LINKS Mentoring Program Director (NC) and Board of Directors

Marketing and Social Media Committee

The Marketing and Social Media Committee is responsible for using various means and tools to expand our Network and tell our story to diverse audiences.

Committee Needs – This committee is responsible for social media networking, marketing, graphic design, website design, merch, photography and videography, story-telling, organization branding and promotion materials. We are looking for persons who are innovative, creative, and passionate about delivering messages in ways that captivate the heart and minds of people. Ideal volunteers for this category would be able to do any of the following: design social media memes, design flyers for events and programs, and identify other imaginative ways to engage the Leadership LINKS Network. Persons with experience using the Canva platform are also desired.

The  “N” in LINKS represents our core value of “Network.” For us, Network means growing a community of like-minded people, and cultivating an extended family. Networking also includes making important personal and professional connections so each of us can fulfill our purpose and move forward together. To this end, we do not want to miss the opportunity of cultivating our online Network. We are looking for person(s) who can heed online posting guidelines, and help us consistently communicate and engage through our Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social media platforms.

We are seeking person(s) who can take our photography and videography footage, and use it to inspire, creatively share our work, and tell our story to various audiences.   


Deronta Robinson

Committee Chairperson and Board of Directors  

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee is responsible for the outline qualification, guidelines, and expectations for the sponsorship and receipt of program scholarships, and future college scholarships.

Committee Needs – College and University Liaison, researcher for “impactful living” leadership and learning opportunities


Dr. Tracey Nicole Hayes

Committee Chairperson and Board of Directors

Spiritual Formation Committee

The Spirital Formation committee is responsible for providing spiritual formation for the organization’s leadership team, while intentionally cultivating the “character and spiritual development” aspects of our mission throughout the organization and the LINKS Network.

Committee Needs – Intercessors


Paul Stolwyk

Committee Chairperson and Board of Advisors

Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for providing accountability, encouraging communication, and the synergy among the committees to ensure organizational tasks are completed; while outlining a long-term plan for accomplishing organizational goals.


QuaWanna Bannarbie

Committee Chairperson and Board of Directors 

Strategic Outreach and Partnerships Committee

The Strategic Outreach and Partnerships Committee is responsible for intentionally cultivating relationships and partnerships with schools, businesses, churches, and other organizations to grow the LINKS Network, ensuring collaboration, fulfilling the organizational mission, and ensuring resources are provided to accomplish organizational tasks.

Committee Needs – People who like to Network and connect like-minded people and organizations together


Admiral Arthur Johnson, Jr.

Committee Chairperson and Founding Director

Quality Control Committee

The Quality Control Committee works to develop and ensure legal, policy, and insurance compliance.


Henry “Hank” Mangum

Committee Chairperson and Board of Advisors

If you are interested in any of these service opportunities, or if you have other

skills and expertise that would benefit the organization, please contact us at: